Friday, 21 May 2010

CMX to end July 1st

Shocking… Publishers Weekly reports that DC manga imprint CMX will stop publishing new titles after July 1st. Full shutdown will probably follow shortly thereafter. Condolences to the staff at CMX, who did a lot with very little, and consistently churned out top-quality releases

Other reports, early reactions, mostly dismay, and some tongue lashings directed at DC (in ascending magnitude of F-bombs dropped):

•Sean Gaffney
•Brigid Alverson at MangaBlog and Robot 6
•Manga Curmudgeon (rather incisive, this one)
•All About Manga
•I Heart Manga
•The Manga Critic
•Slightly Biased Manga (more conciliatory than most)
•AnimeOnDVD et forum
•Anime Briefs
•Manga Maniac Cafe
•Comic Picks by the Glick

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